Class 12 Mixologist Permit – For managers, bartenders and anyone who draws alcohol from a tap, mixes alcoholic drinks and is at least 21 years old. Class The MAST Permit, or Mandatory Alcohol Server Permit, is a required permit for anyone who serves, mixes, sells, or supervises the sale of alcohol for on-premises. Class 12 Mixologist permits are issued to students who are at least 21 years old when they complete the alcohol server training course. Class 13 Servers permits. MAST Training Requirements · You must obtain a MAST permit within 60 days of hire. · You must be 18 years of age to complete this training. Permits will not be. Students 21 years of age and older will receive a Class 12 Mixologist Permit, which provides all of the abilities of the Class 13 Permit and also allows you to.

Within 10 days of completion your Class 12 Mixologist Permit or Class 13 Server Permit (depending on your date of birth) will be mailed to the address you. A Class 12 Permit or Mixologist's Permit is required to work behind the bar A Class 12 permit holder may act solely as a server. You must be at least The Class 12 permit is for alcohol servers who are 21 or older, including bartenders, servers, managers, and employees who conduct tastings. Businesses are. The Washington MAST Permit certification is required for anyone dispensing, selling, or serving of alcohol in the state of Washington for on-premise. Use code WAPROMO20 to reduce the price to $ Those who complete the Washington version of the ServSafe Alcohol course and exam receive their Washington state. How long is the MAST program? The course is a state-required minimum of 3 hours. Is this MAST course completely online? Yes. The registration, course. This online course is approved by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) for individuals that need to obtain a Class 12 or Class 13 MAST. Certified Washington Provider of Alcohol Server Permits! Fun, engaging, and affordable training course for MAST server permits. Mandatory Alcohol Server Training (MAST), Liquor and Cannabis Board approved. Get your Class 12 Mixologist Permit or Class 13 Servers Permit. Once you turn 21, your Class 13 MAST Permit can be upgraded to a Class 12 MAST Permit, enabling you to legally perform more duties.

Upon completion of the Washington TIPS course, the participant will be provided a Class 12 or 13 MAST permit within 30 days. Requirements. Mandatory Alcohol. Find a Class. The following Providers have been certified to provide Mandatory Alcohol Server Training and issue Class 12 or Class 13 permits. If you are age 21 or over, you will receive a Class 12 permit and it allows you to draw alcohol from taps, mix drinks and/or manage a retail liquor licensed. GET YOUR PERMIT SORTED. Washington State Alcohol Server Permit. Receive New Permit. BUY MAST PERMIT. Class 12 Mixologist Permit. Replace Existing Permit. The Class 12 Permit allows the permit holder to serve, mix, and pour alcohol, fill growlers, conduct alcohol tastings, and manage employees who serve, mix, and/. A Class 12 liquor license or alcohol permit in Washington is for any person who draws, mixes, or serves alcoholic beverages that is at least Class 12 Mixologist Permit are for people 21 years of age and older. The Class 12 permit allows you to: Draw alcohol from tap and mix drinks; Perform duties. The Class 12 permit is for servers who are 21 years old or older and work in establishments where less than 50% of the gross income comes from the sale of food. The expiration date will stay the same as that of the Class 13 permit: five years from the date of course completion. See the Permits page of our website for.

Course Facts · Class 12 Mixologist Permit: For managers, bartenders and anyone who draws alcohol from a tap, mixes drinks with alcohol, or conducts tastings in. Just do the Mast 12 permit, it's like $30 and takes about 3 hours. They send you the card pretty quick to buy you can get a job as long as. Take the Washington MAST permit course to get your bartender license or to sell and serve alcohol in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, private clubs. When the server turns 21, they may upgrade their Permit to a Class 12 Mixologist Permit. The new upgraded Class 12 Permit will have the same expiration date as. Washington MAST Permit Training Get your Class 12 or Class 13 MAST Permit Today · Module One: Mandatory Alcohol Server Training Program · Module Two: Alcohol.

ServSafe Alcohol Primary Practice Test - Study Guide for Certification (100 Must Know Questions)

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